At Ironwood Farm, we grow delicious food that is good for you and good for the planet. We farm 20 acres of land in Albuquerque’s South Valley, just a few hundred yards from the Rio Grande.

Family is the heart of our farm and we love helping you feed your family the best and most nutritious food possible. Here’s where you can find our food.

We grow your food chemical free.

We go beyond typical organic practices with ecological methods and permaculture concepts that build soil health, integrate livestock and support native wildlife.

Our carbon footprint is light.

We evaluate every purchase or project in light of its lifetime cost to the environment. Our off-grid strawbale farmhouse is energy efficient, made with local materials and help from friends. A solar-powered pump moves water for our home and some irrigation. We love to re-purpose and refurbish old materials and equipment. A “John Dear” tractor runs on fryer grease biodiesel, and our wood-burning steam engines find many uses on the homestead.

We really keep it local.

When you know your farmer, you can feel good that your dollars are supporting local small business. We carry your local support even further by sourcing our supplies as close to home as possible.